The easy way to keep track of your pensions as you move through your working life

Your future self will thank you!

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Record details of your employment and pension, each time you move jobs.
Build a complete picture of your pensions and work history over time.
Never lose track of where your pensions are, or what pensions you have!

What is PensionPal?

PensionPal is an online portal where you can record details of your employments along with their associated occupational pension scheme. You record the details that will be required when you come to draw down the pension benefits at retirement age.

Why Use PensionPal?

PensionPal makes dealing with your pensions as painless as possible. Simply record the relevant details when you leave an employment. This is much easier to do while they are fresh in your mind and the documentation is to hand.

The records are there when you need them later on, for example at retirement age. No more hunting around for long forgotten documents, everything is there for you in one place, when you need it.

All your pension details are in one place, linked to the relevant employment

You won’t forget about any of your pension plans once they're on PensionPal

Easier to plan for the future since you can see an overview of all your pensions

How to Use PensionPal?

It couldn’t be easier! Sign Up for an account, then get started adding your Employments and associated Pensions.

Add the Employment first: from the My Jobs page, click Add Employment

You can add an Employment without attaching a Pension to it, since not all jobs have a pension attached

To attach a Pension to the Employment, go to the My Pensions page and Add Pension

Begin by adding your previous employments and pensions. This may take a bit of time, (which just reinforces the benefit of recording the details as you go!) but recording future pensions will be much easier.

We recommend recording Employment and Pension details every time you change jobs in order to get full benefit out of the tool.